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Jun 21, 2009 - 4 minute read - Medicine Universal HealthCare

Death by insurance

Yesterday I lost another, friend. Death by insurance read the certificate, or so it should have. Geno was a kind fellow, gentle soul, never made lots of money but found himself suddenly underemployed, a polite term for being older and getting paid for fewer than 20 hours a week, then finding there is no health insurance Ok, you think. Let this guy pull himself up by the bootstraps. He did. He got a second job.

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The mouth of Sauron

I’ve had my bouts with American cars and probably won’t buy another for some long time. The first was with GM diesels. In the late 70’s there was a gas crisis and my dad decided that the best way was to go diesel. The local dealer sold not one but two impala diesels. One never worked all that well costing before its well earned retirement 0.72 cents per mile. The dealer never really got it right, going through one battery after another.

Jun 21, 2009 - 3 minute read - Commentary of the times Medicine Universal HealthCare

You've been turfed!

More of my patients are being turned away at the gates every day. Often they need advanced care which we at the primary care level can’t give them. I have always felt that we were most lucky, we are a smallish state and have a training institution and hospital which are owned and operated by the state. This hospital should be seeing the those at the fringe, those in great need.

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I am reminded that forever is a limited term. How so? Some years ago a tile fellow did some work in a bathroom. I said at the time “ Perhaps we should use mud (concrete)?” “Naaah,” he replied, “use the mastic, it will last you a lifetime…” About three years later, through no fault of mine, he dies. Shortly there after the tiles came loose on the wall – prompting the question – whose lifetime?

Jun 2, 2009 - 2 minute read - Commentary I never saw THAT coming

Dead chickens. No eggs.

I was recently reminded that leaving weasels in the hen house gives you a result. Alas, its dead chickens and no eggs. Why chickens? Our economic (heaven forfend czars) have been running in and out of the hen house. I had proposed, and I’m not a gory fellow, that perhaps a few heads-on-pikes outside Lehman Brothers might have curtailed the mad stealing that goes on. Yes, I’m a victim too.

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Disposable people

I have a window on a wonderful new construction project in the North End of Hartford. We who work here know that this city and this part of this city are the 3rd poorest in the United States! Anything new and beautiful is a welcome treat. I watch the construction part by part, fascinated by the exterior work which is still proceeding rather industriously, sealing windows, sealing the roof and more.

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Whats with Tzars?

We seem, in the US, to have come to love our Tzars. To be sure the Russian’s also loved their Tzars, to death. Why is it then that we love them so? We have a car Czar, a Drug Tzar. Czar this and Tzar that. Its the same intellect that brought back ‘crusades’. Perhaps the most monstrous human losses were suffered in the crusades expeditions from West to East, jihads of an earlier time, most all doomed to failure.

Jun 1, 2009 - 3 minute read - Medicine

Failed health, failed heathcare.

I write this entry as a physician working with in the system, having been in it for more than 30 years and watching the steady transfer of medical decision making away from the hands of physicians and into the hands of the payors, not the patients. I’ve written elsewhere about this but a recent episode brings the inadequacy and hopelessness of the current system home. A friend (not patient) develops some urinary bleeding.