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Sep 26, 2010 - 1 minute read - Commentary

Shelley Runs Demi Marathon

I don´t have pictures yet but Shelley ran with John Sullivan in a (billed as 26 km) race through the streets of Xela.

The race began a bit late and Dr. Sullivan and I were watching on street corners for the racers.  Its 2600 meteres up here so the air is thin.  Things done Guatemaltecan style are often without much preparation. There were no crossing guards, no blockoff´s to run interference for the Chicken Bus population and the cars seemed relatively oblivous of the racers.

The hills were daunting. The traffic next to the runners spewed dark deisel fumes as the racers coughed and ran.  Motorcycles, always taking the smaller parts of the road roared by .

We were able to watch the race from four vantage points – the last so close to the finish line that  I didn´t get to photograph Shelley at the finish.  She insists that the race was only a 15k but she finished and she and John were sore but happy.

Pictures I hope later and a short video as well.

Signing off for a bit until I can get to pictures and uploads.   Do check out my Flickr page.