Redline Doc

Apr 19, 2010 - 2 minute read - Commentary of the times

Plunder me again

As I read Paul Krugman’s “Looters in Loafers”.i felt a bit prescient having blogged Bonuses for Bettors before the current revelations. Perhaps that should be re-evaluations. Slippery as eels these folks, they fall back on … caveat emptor

” although the only non-blinded fellows in the room were they. It was the impending release of poor Jeffrey, once the smartest guy in the room, realizing there were more cats to be skinned, er I mean folks to be fleeced. Well Jeff felt he got a raw deal and he, unable to wallow in the spoils.

When first I read of the looting and larceny I thought ‘heads on pikes‘; but I’m not blood thirsty enough for that. Then I watched Lehman implode and the jackals gather at the corpse to pick the sweet meats. Not one of them felt there was any wrong doing. Indeed they were all self righteous. At that time how little we knew.

I’ve generally supported the aims of this administration (nationally), but find myself watching the the internal dealing and the Goldman-Sachs revolving door spinning so fast its really a fan. I once saw a special about how an engineering firm kept their government work on one side of the hall and their civilian contracts on the other, claiming a mehitza of sorts so that the engineers, who otherwise ate in the same mess facilities, used the same parking lots and other than sharing separate entryways, were really not at all co-mingled. Right.  When the former chieftans of Goldman Sachs run not only the regulating agencies but are also judge and jury I wonder. Hmmm. Right.

There is not an ‘appearance of wrongdoing’. It is offal on the table, and it would appear to be us, the American public. Perhaps I should revisit my former thoughts. Heads on pikes seem not so bad