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Apr 21, 2010 - 2 minute read - I never saw THAT coming

Let them eat cruisers …

The big boys at Chrysler appear to have taken the pipe, 4 BILLION (with a ‘B’ folks) in losses since exiting bankrupty! I doubt that will stop the executive piggies from snorting at the money trough in the name of needing to pay the best and brightest.
We need to remind ourselves that the Mouth of Sauron himself, the Chrysler damage control guy,  at meetings this past year said “Oh .. we put a bad engine in that car – but – (pregnant pause and I presume a wolfish smile), we don’t make them anymore.“  Not making one of the mechanically lousiest cars on the road is scarcely a strategy designed to win hearts and minds of Americans.

The car had a sluggish start. It was very retro, very cute, very flawed.  The power train with an automatic could scarcely get the car out of its own way. Add a turbo and stickshift and it did go. Fixing the cars, it was my mechanic’s nightmare, was another thing. It would appear that the engine had been dropped into the car without regard for access. After all what fool would want to fix this?  Access to the engine required removing the right side of the car and all the steering gear there. The engine mounts blocked access to such non critical parts as the timing belt adjustment.

I attended school at UCONN (University of Connecticut) which at the time had one of the finest civil and mechanical engineering departments in the country. I have friends from MIT, CALTECH, CASE to name but a few. They seem pretty competent.  Is it possible there’s a large vacuum at Chrysler which sucks the smarts out of the engineering staff, followed closely by the moral vacuum which removes all traces of morality.   I have long thought that American ingenuity can solve most problems.  The difficulty is that American greed removes the problem solving substituting marketing glitz, full of sound and fury, signifying, nothing.