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Mar 18, 2010 - 1 minute read - Medicine Sometimes it works

Technology Advances. People stay the same.

We often take for granted that people really understand technology.  We recently installed a new computerized (well somewhat) Medical Record System in our workplace. It makes you go ..hmmm.

This past Friday a co-worker came to me waving a sheaf of papers. “I did what you wanted. I put the orders in the system. I’ve been waiting a month and nothing (emphasized with the sheaf of papers) shows up on the computer.”
Nonplussed I asked “What’s this about?”

(as if to a small child) “I take the sheets. I put the order in the computer and then I write “SCANNED” on the paper. Its not showing up!  This system doesn’t work at all!”

I look at the desk and sure enough there’s a pile of papers, each with “SCANNED” written on the face.  (I did manage a straight face). “ You really need to send them downstairs to BE scanned. Its a machine”

I thought this would be the end of it. Yesterday one of the other team members tells me she was button-holed on the stairs about why nothing is showing up yet in her orders when she did everything we’d asked.

Well… almost everything.  Technology advances.  People Stay the same (with apologies to Leigh Rubin).