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Aug 14, 2009 - 2 minute read - Commentary of the times

We the torturers . . .

My mind and my body shout “No, no its NEVER right never correct”. I was listening to NPR the other day regarding our coming to terms with torture. OUR coming to terms? That “our” is “us”, We the People…

I have this open ended discussion with my family about this. How is this “us”. How did We the People. .. become Us the torturers…. How is this ever right.

I think it comes from trimming a bit off the Constitution, that rather dusty rag of a document which our Founding Fathers found so important. So we don”t really have free speech anymore since big brother listens in on our cellphone, phone and regular conversations with impunity and without warrant. Its that old bothersome “search and seizure stuff” those good old boys found so awful from their British masters. Needing a warrant, probable cause and that rather outdated stuff. We need this to be free from terrorists. I”m becoming a bit terrified myself lately.

A young priest named Torquemada started a campaign of “information gathering”, a tongue torn out here and there, in the name of state safety. What information did he get. None. Nothing. What information did he in fact want. None. It was a campaign of terror. Torture. Terror. – hmmmm.

Throughout our long human history there are records of those who tortured in the name of state safety, abnegating the safeguards in their particular times, accruing power piece by piece. So, I ask my brood, how did we come from “preservers of democracy” to “torturers”. How do we see ourselves? What are the checks and balances, the ironsights of our democratic process?

Again and again Turfed too

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