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Aug 13, 2009 - 2 minute read - I never saw THAT coming

Irony rides again

I’ve had a catbird seat for the construction of a new facility in the poor end of town where I work. Its a marvel of glass and concrete and steel and glass – oh I DID say glass. Indeed the glass rises nearly spire like to the roof at the front of this building. Wing like, the roof soars. It is a beauty to behold. One of the many problems, probably not foreseen on this ancient floodplain of a building site, is that water needs to go somewhere. Build a soaring roof and you have roaring drainage water.

The water comes off the roof so fast that it needs a cistern to slow the flow of the water. Cisterns were installed, thermos bottle looking affairs on concrete pads around the building. Voila, problem solved. Not so fast. The waters, not seen since the times of Noah, overwhelmed even this system digging up the ground. Solution: Riprap, stones to break up the water spilling from the cisterns from the roof. Ahh, architecture.

It is indeed a pretty solution, 4 to 4 12 inch traprock. Traprock has an irregular shape with sharp edges and pointy parts. It doesn’t move much. However, it is also about softball sized and easy to fit in the hand. About now there should be a D’oh much like Homer Simpson. Rocks. Windows. I believe the building will soon be in the glass business.

It has been something which when I point this out to people, step by step, they say “OH WOW”. Yea. Tinkle tinkle. Irony rides again!