Redline Doc

Aug 13, 2009 - 1 minute read - Universal HealthCare

Again and again

Why can’t we pay for health care for everyone? Why is it that is this country we have such a divide? Is it our puritanical upbringing which says work hard and you’ll get your rewards?

Sadly folks, the Puritan’s didn’t have it all that wonderfully. Life was hard but it was short. There were no antibiotics, no x-rays, no casts, no real surgery (with anesthesia). Hospitals were to be avoided as pest houses and physicians themselves at the time knew they did little for their patients. Some cures were probably worse than the diseases.

If we have modernized medicine, why can’t we modernize the way we provide care for our citizens. Why do we in the land of the brave, home of the free, live with a 3rd world medical care system. Sure people come here. The Sultan of Brunei came here and got wonderful care. M. D., a fictional name, in the north end of Hartford got turfed. Hmmm. Would the divide and provision of care have to do with money?

Indeed it does. The wheels grind exceeding slowly for those with limited funding.