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Jun 3, 2009 - 2 minute read - Uncategorized


I am reminded that forever is a limited term. How so?

Some years ago a tile fellow did some work in a bathroom. I said at the time “ Perhaps we should use mud (concrete)?”

“Naaah,” he replied, “use the mastic, it will last you a lifetime…”

About three years later, through no fault of mine, he dies. Shortly there after the tiles came loose on the wall – prompting the question – whose lifetime?

Some many years later I bought a product a car remote, guaranteed for a lifetime of use. The thing had troubles but the installer was local and very helpful with the twists and vagaries of the system.  About 90 miles from home one day, the system failed, on a Saturday afternoon. About the same time an ex of his walked into his shop, double taps him in the head leaving him quite dead. The local dealer folds.  But– not to worry this is a national franchise. Uh huh. A year later, no service, no ability to fix it and no ‘other dealer’ willing to work with it, I ripped it out of the car to solve a panoply of problems. Lifetime hmmmm.

And yet once more into the breach.  I find myself drawn to an automobile. Its comfortable. Consumer’s report says that it has some repair problems but I chose the engine and model with fewer. You guessed it Chrysler. As I’m listening to the litany of demise from the mouth of marketing at Chrysler, he says “we put a bad engine in that car. We knew it but it sold well. We’re not making it any more.“   Ahh yes the full circle. Not only NOT forever but not even partially.

I always liked the City on the Edge of Forever on Star Trek. But even there she dies. Its not forever.