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Jun 2, 2009 - 1 minute read - Uncategorized

Disposable people

I have a window on a wonderful new construction project in the North End of Hartford. We who work here know that this city and this part of this city are the 3rd poorest in the United States!  Anything new and beautiful is a welcome treat.
I watch the construction part by part, fascinated by the exterior work which is still proceeding rather industriously, sealing windows, sealing the roof and more. I’ve seen all sorts of jack lifts and long boom devices to get the workers up close and personal.  The other day I’m watching as this fellow is in one of the scissor lift self movers, no helmet, no restraining strap, no eye protection, no respirator jack hammering out concrete dust (clouds of the stuff) from a groove to be used in the roofing array.  As a medical professional I think, hmmm

Disposable people.

Whats with Tzars? Dead chickens. No eggs.

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