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Jun 2, 2009 - 2 minute read - Commentary I never saw THAT coming

Dead chickens. No eggs.

I was recently reminded that leaving weasels in the hen house gives you a result. Alas, its dead chickens and no eggs.  Why chickens?

Our economic (heaven forfend czars) have been running in and out of the hen house. I had proposed, and I’m not a gory fellow, that perhaps a few heads-on-pikes outside Lehman Brothers might have curtailed the mad stealing that goes on. Yes, I’m a victim too.

Each day I read of the glorious rounds of in the front out the back door dealing at the SEC with Larry Summers or the folks at Chrysler or GM who revel in the bailout, glory in bankruptcy.  A few days ago the VP of Chrysler said in effect sorry folks we made some lousy cars, like the PT Crusier, it had a lousy engine but they sold!…. and I an owner of one of those lumps of clay!  There is some chutzpah in the GM folks managing NOT to take any responsibility for anything. Its the fault of unions, economy, dealers, stockholders, manufacturers of parts but no no no not GM. They didn’t make cars that didn’t run, engines that failed for obvious reasons, cars that fell apart nearly on the lots,  no no no not them. Its someone else’s fault. Those same donkeys are going to be rebuilding the same cars but with our monies. What a way to go. Take a risk. Do a lousy job. Get a bailout!    Hmmm is there a DD-285/7448  that -=I=- can get to fill in for my share?

Indeed all the folks are all white-washed now. Not to worry. Stole a few million in pension funds from old folks to gamble away with 100:1 odds? Didn’t see it coming? Naah not to worry Mr Weasel, here are the keys.

So what. They’re old. They didn’t need the eggs anyway.

Disposable people Forever?

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